SLR Energy is part of the SunPower® Network

SunPower solar energy installers are the most qualified and professional installers of residential solar systems in your community. We know because they are trained to the highest standards in the industry. You can count on your local SunPower installer to handle all aspects of your residential solar panel installation, including design, permitting, and system maintenance.

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Best-In-Class Equipment

For 30 years, SunPower has led the way with record-setting technologies and innovative solar solutions, with a cutting-edge approach to sustainability and is renowned for its positive impact on the environment and our communities. No other solar company offers such a complete package.

From the moment it’s switched on, a SunPower system generates more energy than conventional panels, and keeps providing value when other brands fade. Premium SunPower products are an intelligent energy investment. With only 27 panels returned out of every 1 million installed, SunPower is confident in our product. The industry’s best Combined Power and Product Warranty1 backed by over $138 million in long-term warranty reserves2 give our customers peace of mind about their home solar systems. In the very small likelihood that your system needs to be serviced, we have the resources set aside to take care of you.

Your system is safe with us.